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Constant and simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data services at sea. Easy and quick to install satellite communication terminals.


Many modern commercial vessels are effectively multi-million dollar floating assets, requiring highly efficient operation and management. Seafarers and vessel operators depend on satellite communications to keep in touch, whatever the conditions. Eixo Digital provides a range of performance options, capable of suiting all communication needs at sea. 


Governments around the world depend on satellite communications to protect their interests and centralize the control of their strategic operations. Our mobile satellite solutions enable cost-effective interoperability in naval operations by combining global coverag with extremely reliable and secure communications


We can help you earn money even before you return to shore. Send photos of your latest catch, research fish prices on the internet and negotiate a sale while still at sea - over the phone or via email. Our services covers all the major fishing areas and won't let you down in bad weather.


Relax and enjoy yourself at sea, secure in the knowledge that you are in constant touch with business, family and friends - as well as the emergency services - at all times. Whether you have a superyacht or a pleasure cruiser, there's a choice of communications and safety services - suitable for even the smallest vessels.

Metry, Strong for Telemetry

Create and sell
powerful telemetry


Sail safely
with a terminal
that's friendly and fast

be Appy

Build modern and
beautiful interfaces 
that users really love


Feed your apps
easily with
powerful EO data 

Satellite Communication Terminals

Data and voice,
anytime, anywhere

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