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Maritime Safety Data Services

The MSDS (Maritime Safety Data Services) is a new system to be put in place by Inmarsat, that provides safety services for Inmarsat C and Fleet 77.
Services such as distress and safety facilities that can eventually result in GMDSS certified FB UTs, including:

• Distress Alerting.
• Distress, Urgency and Safety Priority messaging Ship-to-shore.
• Distress, Urgency and Safety Priority messaging Shore-to-ship.
• Promulgation of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) to MSDS enabled FB UTs from MSDS connected MSI providers (MSIPs) and from the Inmarsat C system.
• Distress Priority Chat facility between the vessel UT, Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) Chat facility and all registered RCCs logged in to the MSS.
• Distress Alert Test Configuration and Activation.

For these to work, new compatible safety terminals must be implemented.
Our software is a generic customisable installation that supports all these features. As long as the manufacturer has the hardware, we've got the software for it, no need for the manufacturer to waste time and money developing a full software system.

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