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Explorer 710

With EXPLORER 710, you can leverage the fastest on-demand video streaming via satellite with guaranteed QoS to enhance the quality of live broadcasts and remote communication.

EXPLORER 710 introduces several advanced new features. Uniquely, it has the ability to bond the signals from multiple EXPLORER 710 terminals via Ethernet to achieve IP streaming rates of 1 Mbps or even higher - closer to standard definition broadcast quality.

It's light, compact, tough and incredibly reliable. It opens more possibilities for connecting devices, offering more flexibility. It's ultra-portable, so you can be set-up within minutes of arriving on scene.

It's the world's smallest and lightest Class 1 BGAN terminal and the first platform to make use of new high data rate streaming as standard, so is a true next generation BGAN terminal.


- Built-in SIP server
- Embedded Webserver
- Advanced Router with admin control
- Wireless Access Point
- Battery hot-swap and Built-in BGAN bonding
- Remote activation and remote management

- EXPLORER Connect App for IOS and Android:
Includes a SIP Softphone, Terminal Access to control your BGAN and Pointing Assistance.

- EXPLORER Cellular Modem for USB:
With the EXPLORER LTE Modem you can connect local cellular networks and use the EXPLORER 510 as wireless router for all your devices.


Metry, Strong for Telemetry

Create and sell
powerful telemetry


Sail safely
with a terminal
that's friendly and fast

be Appy

Build modern and
beautiful interfaces 
that users really love


Feed your apps
easily with
powerful EO data 

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Data and voice,
anytime, anywhere

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