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FX 500

The FX 500 includes a primary handset with a large colour LCD display and mobile phone type keys for making/receivingphone calls, making selective terminal configuration changes, sending and receiving SMS messages, including larger SMS content of greater than 160 characters as multipart or segmented messages
The FX 500 can act as a WAN connection to any onboard computer network (LAN) by simply connecting the unit to the onboard LAN and making all the devices attached to the LAN accessible to the Internet. The MAC Filtering feature provides a strong security option by providing access rights only to selected devices based on their MAC addresses. A Firewall option complements the security options by not only blocking unauthorized remote access but also blocks unwanted data traffic thus saving unwanted air-time costs.


Data speeds of up to 432kbps
Remote Management (using SMS/AT commands)
Backup / Restore of previous Configuration Settings
SIM Lock based on IMSI/APN
Multilingual WebConsole (English, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
Multi-User WebConsole access with configurable access rights
Time/Volume limited data sessions (to avoid bill shock)
Fleet Tracking Capability withGeo-fencing - up to 10 polygon geo-fence areas can be configured
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
Push-To-Talk (PTT)
Forced Dialing – SAC Configuration Control
Restricted Dialing (for crew calling)
Handset Call Priority (allows the Captain to pre-empt the active CS call)
Remote Access (for configuration and diagnostics)
MAC Filtering (with whitelist/blacklist)
NAT and NAPT (Port Forwarding)
NMEA 0183 Continuous GPS Output
SMS with option to append GPS position
Radio Silence (radio transmission on/off) Control
External Ringer Control
Framed-Routing Network Management (includes supporting Inmarsat XpressLink)
3-Axis Stabilised Antenna including ATC-Resilience, Extended L-Band and IP56 Protection capability
No Fuses – Uses Intelligent Circuit Breaker protection
Primary Handset with IP66 Environmental Protection (for voice, SMS & terminal configuration)


Metry, Strong for Telemetry

Create and sell
powerful telemetry


Sail safely
with a terminal
that's friendly and fast

be Appy

Build modern and
beautiful interfaces 
that users really love


Feed your apps
easily with
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